If you are helping someone to decide on their next step towards a really exciting and fulfilling career, get them to think about getting into events.

The Event Management Apprenticeship Programme is a great way of learning whilst earning. It has been designed by professionals working in the event sector so that the transferable skills and behaviours our fantastic industry needs to produce world class events form the core of the programme.

It really is a great way for anyone to get into events.



I have learnt so much already & because of how diverse these skills are, I know they will be applicable in any future role I decide take on.


This programme has been designed by the event industry to offer both job seekers and employers an exciting way to get new talent into events. Talent that will be earning whilst learning, helping businesses grow their diversity and supporting the development of professional qualifications.  Events help shape a country’s identity and we have a great heritage of producing and delivering world class events – from a career point of view events deliver so many exciting opportunities, including work in: • Project management • Technical production – lighting, sound, presentation design • Accommodation and travel management • Ticketing • Food and beverage management • Video production • Set design and build • 3D animation • Security and first aid • Exhibition design and management • Delegate and guest management • Themed party concept development • Budgeting and many many more! Britain’s economic and cultural profile is enhanced through the rich diversity of events held across the nations in cities, resorts and rural locations in a unique array of specialised event venues. We also host an impressive array of high profile world events from major political, commercial, medical, scientific and educational conferences and trade fairs to leading edge cultural, sporting and music festivals. Through the expertise of Britain’s event organising companies, using their unrivalled creative and logistical skills, events provide a world-class showcase for our skills, creativity and talent. Get into events – it’s a great place to be!      


Why are meetings and events so important to Britain – and also offer such great career opportunities? Here are ten things you may not know about the UK event industry:   1. Britain’s Events industry is worth over £41 billion to the economy through direct visitor spend.   2. Events account for around 35% of the UK visitor economy. Inbound business visits to Britain equate to 23.5% of all visits and 24% of all overseas visitor spend.   3. Conferences, meetings, incentive travel and exhibitions contribute over £21 billion to tax revenues. There are around 1.34 million meetings held in Britain each year worth £19.2 billion   4. UK exhibitions attract over 13 million visitors each year generating £11 billion in spend, boosting trade and exports through over £150 billion of goods sold at exhibitions and trade shows. Britain’s leading UK exhibitors generate 72% of their earnings overseas representing £2 billion of export earnings from over 1000 events attracting 340,000 exhibitors and 6.3 million attendees.   5. The spend by those accompanying attendees at business events is worth nearly £8 billion.   6. The events sector is served by 25,000 businesses, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, which provide valuable support services, including hotels, attractions, transport companies, florists, caterers, retailers and local traders. Amongst these are world-class event businesses which generate significant revenues outside of Britain.   7. The Sector employs over 530,000 people. The Sector provides skilled employment to a diverse workforce. It offers engaging careers for young and old, male and female, skilled and less skilled across all cultures. It maximises a wide range of creative, technical and personal talents to produce inspirational events. It is a sector with massive potential for growth and employment for future generations.   8. Meetings & Events contribute to infrastructure development on a national, regional and local level from both the public and private sectors. Over £1 billion of new infrastructure development is being stimulated by events, including significant investment in new facilities at existing event venues.   9. Meetings and events support and serve other wealth creating industries and complement Britain’s priority industrial sectors, with major customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, scientific, manufacturing and educational sectors.   10. Events help develop diversity in our local culture and heritage providing opportunities for further destination expansion and growth. They have a positive social impact on society, contributing to health and wellbeing, education, social diversity, community spirit and civic pride.