Product launches, Conferences, Party Political Conferences, Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies, The London Marathon or Music Festivals – Have you ever wondered how big occasions like these come to life?



To make events happen, whether they are big or small, for business or pleasure, there needs to be someone (or a team of people) who does all the research, planning and organising. They will arrange all the important details such as the venue, the guests and transport, the tickets, the process once people get there, the cost of the event (and who pays for it!) and of course, everything associated with food and drinks, parking, first aid, security, merchandise and stewarding.


 A lot also goes on behind the scenes such as staging, rigging, artiste / VIP liaison, crew and staffing, props, equipment, sound-checks and rehearsals – this is all carefully researched, planned and organised by Event Managers a long time before you or I even get to hear about the event!


Event Management is therefore the co-ordination, running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create every kind of event. Those events can span across a huge range of businesses including entertainment, finance, professional services, government, politics, transport, retail, fashion, sport and music to name but a few.

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